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The White Mountains Regional School District uses our collective resources to educate responsible and ethical citizens who are academically, socially, and physically prepared to meet the needs of our community in an ever-changing world.

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Our School District is located in the beautiful White Mountains in northern New Hampshire. Our district includes three schools and one administrative office serving the communities of Carroll, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, and Whitefield.

Lancaster Whitefield WMRHS
WMRSD District Dialogue Issue 5
Congratulations 2019 Graduates! Never before have the graduates of WMRHS left so ready for college, career, and life! They’ve earned college credits, completed career credentials, worked in real internships, completed AP classes, led clubs, collected data for District-Wide redesign, played sports, performed on and off stage, participated in national and state competitions, and volunteered……all to make America better!
Scott Holmes, LES Principal
WMRSD Welcomes Scott Holmes, LES Principal
Please join the White Mountain Regional School District in welcoming Scott Holmes as the Lancaster School Principal and Instructional Leader.
WMRSD District Dialogue Newsletter - Issue 4 Front Page
WMRSD District Dialogue Newsletter - Issue 4
It’s a pleasure to share this issue of the District Dialogue with our staff and community! The overall theme in this issue highlights our strategies and programs that support our students.
The White Mountains Regional School District is replacing the theatre seats in the White Mountains Regional High School’s Auditorium and is giving the old seats away. Seats are being offered “AS-IS” on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be picked up no later than Monday, July 15, 2019. The district will not be responsible for loading or transporting the seats. For further information, and/or to make arrangements for pick up, please contact William Everleth at 603-837-9363 or Robert Scott at 603-837-2528.
WMRSD Furniture Disposal Bid
The Arthur T. Paradice Career and Technical Education Center, at White Mountains Regional High School, and the White Mountains Regional School District Maintenance Department, is conducting a sealed bid auction of unused, surplus equipment and furniture.

System Of Care (SOC)

The White Mountains Regional School District (SAU #36) is a recent recipient of the New Hampshire System of Care (SoC) FAST Forward 2020 Grant. This is a four year grant awarded from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) which will support the expansion and sustainability of a state level system of care for children, youth and their families. This grant is administered through the New Hampshire Department of Education by the Office of Student Wellness. This an exciting time for the White Mountains Regional School District community, paving the way towards behavioral health and wellness for all students in the district.

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Please note:
*If you reside in Whitefield, Dalton, or Carroll, your designated school is Whitefield Elementary School

*If you reside in Lancaster or Jefferson, your designated school is Lancaster Elementary School. 

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