Meet the Team

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          Kelly Dussault

Grant Mana
ger, Kelly Dussault comes to the District with 20 years of experience working with youth, families and local school systems as an Occupational Therapist, Additionally Kelly has recently completed her M.Ed in Human Relations at Plymouth State University with a concentration in organizational health and wellness. Kelly has begun the process of growing local Familiy and Systems Together (FAST) through the development of a Community Management Team, comprising of over 30 local stakeholders to engage in the completion of a local 'environmental scan' that identifies the needs and strength of children, families and the community. The CMT will steer the work plan for this project over the next four years. Efforts will focus on several areas including early childhood education and behavior health ; social/emotional learning and development, behavior health promotion and substance abuse prevention; personal and community safety; support and expansion of mental, emotional and behavioral health opportunities; and family and youth engagement.

Early Childhood Education Coordinator Ann Auger has been a North Country resident for 13 years. She currently resides in Berlin with her husband and two young children. Ann graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies from Plymouth State University. She went on to graduate from Champlain College in 2016 with her Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education, and a Certificate in Administration.

Ann brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from both the public and private sectors of education, as a teacher and Director. As an Early Childhood Consultant she now holds several contracts throughout the County. Ann is passionate about her work and is committed to increasing the quality of early care and education across Coös County.

 In this new position Ann will be working across the district with programs serving children birth through age 8 in several capacities. She will Coach the SAU 36 Coös Connects Regional Group. This group brings together public and private preschool teachers, administrators, and other partners to strengthen connections in working toward coordinating and facilitating children’s smooth transition to Kindergarten. Ann will also be working with teachers, and administrators in using evidence-based practices, and curriculum. She will be training and coaching teachers in implementing strategies which reinforce high-quality practices that support the social and emotional development of young children.  

Photo of Ann Auger