Welcome Back

Dear WMRSD Families, 


The 2022-2023 school year is soon approaching! We hope that you and your families have had time to enjoy this incredible summer! 


On behalf of the entire WMRSD staff and School Board, I extend a warm welcome to all within our District!  We look forward to having our children back in the buildings on September 6th and I want to take a moment to thank you for all your support, patience, and dedication over the last few years! 


Our summer learning camps for students and learning institutes for teachers have been extremely successful and engaging.  Over 100 students took advantage of the summer camps with many dedicated teachers and staff to support them! 


The buildings are bustling with new construction projects, painting, and cleaning!  The HS will have individual bathrooms across from the cafeteria, however, that project will not be 100% complete for the opening of school. We have made accommodations so that temporary bathrooms will be available for a short period of time in addition to the available bathrooms throughout the school.  The HVAC project at WES is underway and there are several timelines for the completion of the project without disruption in instruction.  Your principal(s) will be updating you on the progress and status of both projects. 


You will be receiving information from your child's principal soon regarding specific school information, so I wanted to get ahead of that so that you are not inundated with too much information at once! 


Last night the WMRSD Board approved the August 11, 2022 Return to School Plan.  We are aware that the CDC has released new information and we are awaiting guidance from NH DHHS. We understand that the new guidance will further relax the isolation and quarantine recommendations. More to come! The plan is attached below for your reference.  


In addition, we have completed the 2022-2023 and beyond Strategic Plan. We have identified 3 "Pillars" to guide our work: Structure & Finance, Culture & Wellness, and Teaching & Learning. We have also prioritized the action steps for each "Pillar". 

Both of these documents are posted on our website as well. 


WW Berry is working on finalizing bus routes and will be sending information to families/schools.  There is a critical shortage of bus drivers both locally and nationally; and they are challenged with crafting the routes with fewer drivers. It is our hope that new drivers will be hired so that the routes are more efficient.  We will keep you updated as we gain more information. 

Welcome again to the 2022-2023 school year.  We will be at our best when we continue to work together!  Please feel free to reach out to me and/or your school administrators any time!