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  • A Conference for Educators- Designing a Culture of Learning
    On June 26 and 27 2017 White Mountains Regional High School in collaboration with the Education Research Consortium will be hosting a conference on Designing a Culture of Learning in Whitefield, New Hampshire. 
    Below is a brief overview of the workshop:

    In our traditional “culture of teaching” the educator is primary the actor and the student generally a passive respondent. The times now demand a critical new orientation, an evolution of practice to a “culture of learning”. This conference will engage educators in using problems and projects, infuse technology and inquiry techniques, and develop skills in coaching, connecting, and advising students to push for deeper learning.

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35 Years of Service

Congratulations to Judy Nichols of the Jefferson School, who was presented with a service pen, for educating students of the WMRSD for 35 years.  Judy is pictured here with Dr. Marion Anastasia, Superintendent of Schools.   

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